Etsy Hearts: Summer Edition ♥

Love this Celestial Dust Shirt by KarinaMarin

Getting ready to move soon, so right now I’m on the hunt for unique homegoods for our new place. Totally feeling everything made by TheZenArtist, including this amazing rustic table.

More galactic awesomeness. Searching The Skies Typography poster by NeueModernPress.

Pretty sure I’ve mentioned my mason jar infatuation, so it’s no surprise I’m going to neeeed these tumblers by Poppy&Pearl!

How amazing is this?! Crochet Mandala wall hanging by Lost Boys & Lovers.

Scout & Cataloque is definitely one of my favorite lines on Etsy. Been noticing a lot of copycats lately, and can’t wait to own & support the real deal. Love, love, love this clutch! ♥

These! Not really sure why I need them, but I just know I cute and creative. Acorn Sachets by Mireo.

Handmade Mexican Bow by Arts & Crass.


About ninamantra

▲nina mantra jewelry is a handcrafted accessory line based out of beautiful orlando, florida. all pieces are limited edition or one of a kind and created with lots of love fusing vintage components, raw gems, and natural materials.
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