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Power Gems

Power Gems

NEW! Mini Power Medallion earrings, available soon in the webstore! For more pictures of new products and behind the scenes snapshots, follow us on Instagram: @NinaMantra

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NEW in the shop!

We’ve been keeping super busy in the lab and are excited to introduce some new pieces for summer! New additions to the shop include the Lunar Phases Necklaces, an assortment of Kujaku Rings, Geode Bookends, a bracelet version of our popular Insight necklace, and more!





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new stockist!



One of our lovely customers, Gail Storr, recently opened an adorable new boutique in England called Kissing Cows. Kissing Cows carries a wide selection of vintage clothing, furniture, and unique handmade items from all over the world, including some pieces from Nina Mantra Jewelry. We’re so excited to be working with this amazing little shop, and look forward to visiting someday soon!

Kissing Cows | 12 Tangier Street | Whitehaven, Cumbria, England



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originality is king.

originality reigns supreme.

Excellent advice not just for young designers, but all designers of all mediums! I feel like a lot of these tips are (or should be) common sense, so it’s awesome for him to have presented them so well being that we live in a time where common sense is unfortunately not so common. John C. Jay’s advice is especially relevant and beneficial to those of us in the handmade community, which is why I decided to pass it along. ♥

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todays inspiration..

I’m sure I’ve expressed more than a million times the fact that Lauryn Hill is the ultimate for me! A truly inspiring person whose music was both the soundtrack of my adolescence, and the soundtrack to my life now at 28. This lecture was done back in 2000 at the Academy of Achievement in DC, when she was only 25 years old. At the time this speech was given I was 16, and from it I realized the importance of prayer, non conformity, and love, all lessons I value to this day. Enjoy..


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the moon & the sky

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