Fruit Water Infusions

Almost eight months into my pregnancy, I’ve been making an effort to drink more water…and lots of it! I’m at the point where I’m now drinking 2+ liters daily with ease, and the more I notice the great benefits it’s had on my skin and body overall, the more I see myself continuing this effort post-pregnancy.

While browsing the web, I came across these yummy recipes for fruit infused water, and I can’t wait to try them! I love adding a couple wedges of lime or cucumber to my water, but have never really considered incorporating any other fruits into my drinks.

Check out these great recipes from Farmacology Organics, here are 8 homemade vitamin water recipes to help you keep the water flowing!


1) The Classical : Lemon/Cucumber:
Mix in a pitcher: 10 cups of water + 1 cucumber and a lemon, thinly sliced + 1/4 cup fresh finely chopped basil leaf + 1/3 of finely chopped fresh mint leaves. Leave in the refrigerator overnight before serving.

2) The Granite : Strawberry/Lime or Raspberry/Lime:
Mix in a pitcher : 10 cups of water + 6 strawberries / 0r Raspberries and one thinly sliced lime + 12 finely chopped fresh mint leaves. Leave in the refrigerator overnight before serving.

3) The Digestive : Fennel/Citrus:
First: infuse 1 to 3 grams of dried and crushed fennel in 150 ml of boiling water for 5-10 minutes. Allow to cool.
Mix in a pitcher: 10 cups of water + lemon juice (put the leftover lemon in the mix) + a small thinly sliced orange + 12 fresh chopped mint leaves + the infusion of fennel seeds. Leave in refrigerator overnight before serving.

4) The antiOX : Blackberry/Sage:
Note that a part from the berries, sage leafs is the herb that has the highest antioxidant content.
Mix in a pitcher : 10 cups of water + 1 cup of blackberries that have been very slightly crushed + 3-4 sage leaves. Leave in refrigerator overnight before serving.

5) WATERmelon: Watermelon/Rosemary:
Mix in a pitcher : 10 cups of water + 1 cup of watermelon cut into cubes + 2 rosemary stems. Leave in refrigerator overnight before serving.

6) The Exotic : Pineapple/Mint:
Mix in a pitcher : 10 cups of water + 1 cup of pineapple cut into cubes + 12 fresh mint leaves finely chopped. Leave in the refrigerator overnight before serving.

7) The Traditional : Appel/Cinnamon:
Mix in a pitcher : 10 cups of water + 1 cup of apple cut into cubes + 2 cinnamon sticks + 2 teaspoon of ground cinnamon. Leave in the refrigerator overnight before serving.

8) The Zingibir : Ginger/Tea:
In advance: heat 1 teaspoon of ginger in two cups of tea, let it cool down.

Mix in a pitcher: 10 cups of water with two cups of the ginger tea + 4-5 pieces of fresh ginger cut into cubes. Leave in the refrigerator overnight before serving.

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True Inspiration: Somaly Mam

Somaly Mam, founder of the Somaly Mam Foundation and AFESIP, was sold to a brothel as a child and lived the majority of her youth as a victim of human trafficking in Cambodia. Her experiences motivated her channel her pain into productivity, and through her organizations she passionately devotes her life to rescuing and helping other victims of human trafficking. It was Somaly’s book, The Road To Lost Innocence, that inspired me to create Nina Mantra, and helped me to define my purpose in life; which is to utilize my own talents and creativity to help others. For more information on Somaly Mam and her work, check out the clip below and visit her foundation’s website at

Narrated by actress and humanitarian Lucy Liu, “The Road to Traffik” reveals the shocking world of sex trafficking that Somaly Mam, a former Cambodia sex slave, is heroically waging a crusade to expose and end. The filmmakers accompany photographer Norman Jean Roy on his painful journey to document the brutal rape and suffering that thousands of children face daily in the brothels of Cambodia and Southeast Asia.

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How To Cleanse Your Crystals

Before placing, or using your crystal, there are two processes of cleansing it to prepare it for use.

The first is just to remove any traces of dust or fingerprints. Simply run your crystal under running water. Of course, if your crystal item is delicate or has a protective felted bottom side, you may cleanse by gently wiping your crystal with a soft moist towel.


The second cleanse -and the more important one – is energetic. Our intention is to purify the crystal to remove any energies or imbalances it may have picked up in handling by others on its way to you. Of course, crystals will also rebalance and cleanse themselves over time if left unused and not handled. The following methods will allow you to help your crystal back to its balanced state right away.


If you have a large enough clustered crystal in your home, using it is the easiest way to cleanse and attune your new crystals: To do so, simply place your new crystal on top of a crystal cluster and leave it there until the next day.


You can smudge your crystal with incense or smudge sticks. If you choose incense, any scent that enchants you will do; but those based upon sandalwood, sage, cedar, and frankincense have a long tradition of use as purifying agents. Simply hold your crystal in the smoke of the incense or smudge stick and let the smoke carry away any unwanted energies. You only need to do this until your crystal feels cleansed.


Dry sea salt is wonderful for removing negative energies, and since it is itself a crystal, it resonates well with crystal items. Simply fill a bowl with sea salt and bury your crystal in it for 24 hours. After 24 hours, remove your crystal and wipe clean. Disgard the salt, as it now carries the imbalanced energies. Caution: Do not use salt water!!! Salt water can damage your crystals!


Place your crystals either outside or on a window ledge in the sun or moonlight. Many people have their preference between sun and moonlight, and you may choose one or the other: sun for a crystal that you intend to use in outgoing, yang areas, and moon for inner workings and yin areas. Some people prefer to use both sun and moon. (For the energy of both sun and moon, simply allow the crystal to absorb light from both of them by letting them bask in the same area for 24 hours.)


The vibrations of sound are wonderful for a quick refresh and cleanse of your crystal. A very personal way to cleanse your crystal is to sing or chant to it, using any beautiful melody that inspires you. Alternatively, you can use a bell, gong, wind chimes, singing bowl, or tuning fork. (Singing bells are especially wonderful for this!) Simply sing, and/or ring your bell close to the crystal until you feel the crystal is completely cleansed.

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hard rocks & gems

Incredibly dope paintings (not photographs!) of gems and minerals by Carly Waito. Was ready to buy the first three – dioptase, amethyst, and bornite – for the office, but they’ve already been sold. Love her work!

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Etsy Hearts: Summer Edition ♥

Love this Celestial Dust Shirt by KarinaMarin

Getting ready to move soon, so right now I’m on the hunt for unique homegoods for our new place. Totally feeling everything made by TheZenArtist, including this amazing rustic table.

More galactic awesomeness. Searching The Skies Typography poster by NeueModernPress.

Pretty sure I’ve mentioned my mason jar infatuation, so it’s no surprise I’m going to neeeed these tumblers by Poppy&Pearl!

How amazing is this?! Crochet Mandala wall hanging by Lost Boys & Lovers.

Scout & Cataloque is definitely one of my favorite lines on Etsy. Been noticing a lot of copycats lately, and can’t wait to own & support the real deal. Love, love, love this clutch! ♥

These! Not really sure why I need them, but I just know I cute and creative. Acorn Sachets by Mireo.

Handmade Mexican Bow by Arts & Crass.

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Stitch Rock 2012

Super excited to have been selected as a vendor at this years Stitch Rock– an indie craft fair and bazaar! We had SO much fun vending last year and are so thankful for the opportunity to take part in this awesome event again. It’s happening October 6th in Delray Beach, can’t wait! ♥

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Minty Greens

The cluster stud earrings are now available in raw emerald!

Emerald is a stone of inspiration and infinite patience. It is a life affirming stone known as the “stone of successful love”. It promotes physical, emotional, and mental equilibrium, eliminates negativity, and brings about positive action. ♥

The emerald used to create these earrings is unpolished and untreated, which leaves it more of a mint color rather than the darker hues we normally see.

Now available here.

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